2 of the Biggest IT Challenges Your Company Will Face This Year

Every company faces challenges; but there’s no need to let IT challenges be part of them. Here are two problems that we predict you’ll face at some point in 2016, and our recommended steps towards preventing them.

Phishing Scams

Phishing is the act in which someone impersonates your company to obtain information from consumers. Usually this happens in the form of emails or phone calls, and often phishing scams will ask your consumers to update their personal information such as credit card and social security numbers.

While there is no way to 100% ensure you will not be a victim to phishing scams, having your company take the following steps could reduce the chances of being a target:

  • Make sure your anti-malware software and your operating systems are up-to-date and as whole as possible
  • Educate your employees on IT security and how to identify phishing scams
  • Use spam and web filters to detect suspicious email and internet activity

Cyber Security

We’ve previously talked in-depth about how to secure and support your small business against cyber attacks. Cyber attacks can come in many forms, including virus and malicious software downloads, compromised computer systems, and hacked data. Such attacks can negatively affect your system’s efficiency, violate privacy laws for your users, and impact your overall company data management.

To avoid leaving yourself open to attacks, we recommend you take the following four steps:

  • Set up a cloud-based desktop
  • Use quality malware protection software
  • Use unique passwords for different accounts
  • Layer your security

To learn more about IT security, join us at our Small Business Lunch-And-Learn, A 360˚ Degree Approach To All Things IT: Control The Chaos, Protect Your Small Business, and Turn Unknowns Into Opportunity on May 24th. Specifically geared towards protecting your small business, the Expo is the next step in securing yourself in the cyber-world.

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