4 Strategies to Convince Your Boss to Hire a Managed IT Support Company

Whether you are a manager at a small business concerned about cybersecurity or the head of the IT department, you know that not having enough security services in place can be detrimental. Cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated, and small businesses are at an increased risk of being attacked. But it can be extremely frustrating when your CEO or president isn’t interested in investing in external help to improve your cybersecurity.

So how do you talk to your boss to get them to invest in a managed service provider (MSP)? An MSP benefits not just the IT department but the entire company. All businesses need to have managed IT support services, regardless of size. We have four tips for you today to get started, and hopefully, they inspire you to think of even more ways to convince your boss. For additional help or questions, be sure to get in contact with us.

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1. Speak Their Language

When presenting an argument to your boss about why you need to hire a managed IT support company, it’s important to avoid “geek speak.” In other words, don’t use technical jargon that will make them lose interest in the conversation. Instead, keep your language simplified as if the other person didn’t have a technical background.

Avoid using acronyms that aren’t common knowledge. For example, use managed IT support company instead of calling it an MSP. It’s also a good idea to speak in a storytelling manner. Narratives draw people into the story, and they want the good guy to win. To do that, speak about how a competitor suffered a data breach, what it did to them, or how frequently small businesses are targeted. Telling a story creates stakes that your upper management can’t ignore.

2. Tie Cybersecurity to Business Goals

Any business wants to accomplish two primary goals: help its customers and make a profit. But when your cybersecurity protections aren’t up to date or lacking, they threaten both goals. So, no matter your business, you need help from a managed IT support company.

For example, customers want to work with companies they trust, particularly those that take data protection seriously. If your company doesn’t have measures to protect customers’ personal information, they may not trust you with their business and go elsewhere.

Additionally, the cost of recovering your data and rebuilding your reputation after a cyber breach will greatly damper the company’s profit. You may be able to tie your specific business goals to taking a proactive approach to cybersecurity, but using these should give you a baseline to start.

3. Prepare Cost Impact Analysis

Like any service, a cost is associated with leveraging an MSP’s benefits. Doing some homework ahead of time to find out how much local cybersecurity companies charge and presenting that information to the boss can help. Bosses often want to know the bottom line of what a service will cost them.

When you work with an MSP like us, we can quote how much our monthly services will cost according to your proposed service level agreement. We charge a flat monthly fee, so you’ll never have surprise invoices outside your budget. Get in touch with us today to get started on a quote.

Additionally, it’s helpful to find statistics about how much it will cost the business if a cybercriminal breaches your network. For example, according to IBM, the average cost of a data breach in the United States is $9.44 million. And if you don’t have the right cybersecurity measures in place, it’s not a matter of if your data gets stolen. It’s a matter of when. Now the proactive approach of hiring an MSP with a dedicated team of experts keeping watch over your network doesn’t seem so expensive of an undertaking.

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4. Show the Consequences of Falling Out of Compliance

You have strict compliance regulations when you work with customers’ private data, particularly personal health information, social security numbers, and financial accounts. Since a managed IT support company can help you remain in compliance, not having one can put the business at risk of falling out of compliance.

Not only will customers avoid doing business with a company with weak information security, but you may also face sanctions and fines for violating those laws. When you show your boss the consequences of falling out of compliance, which can easily happen without the right security, it can help persuade them to hire an MSP.

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Once you have convinced your upper management that it’s time to invest in a managed IT support company, get in touch with us! We have served the Northeastern PA area for over 20 years and would love to add you to our list of happy clients. We’ll give your business the cybersecurity protections to keep criminals out of your network. Get started today by giving us a call!

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