5 Things to Know About Co-Managed & Managed IT Support Services

Business owners know that when their technology stops working, so do their employees. So, what do you do to ensure your information technology infrastructure and programs stay operational? Sign up for managed IT support services from a reputable, local IT company.

InnoTek Computer Consulting has been helping small- to medium-sized businesses ensure their systems, internet, and data backup works by providing proactive system management. Rather than wait for something to break and then get it fixed, our 24/7/365 network monitoring allows us to recognize problems before they cause downtime at your company. Help your business get the most from its technologies today by giving our team a call!

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1. What’s the Difference between Co-Managed & Managed IT Support?

Managed IT support services from a company like InnoTek provides a valuable partnership for small business owners in Northeastern Pennsylvania. A managed service provider (MSP) provides all the technical support your business needs. Think of us as external employees who are always watching your network to ensure no intruders infiltrate your system.

There are many benefits of managed IT services, such as lowered IT costs, better deals on your technology purchases, compliance management, and other surprising benefits. Having managed IT support services gives you peace of mind that your company’s network and infrastructure are protected and well-maintained.

On the other hand, co-managed IT is where InnoTek acts as an extension of your current IT team. As a co-managed service provider, we lighten the workload of internal IT teams by handling certain aspects of your operations efficiently. For example, your internal IT department may take on-site help desk tickets while a co-managed IT services provider handles remote monitoring of your network.

You can pick which IT tasks can get outsourced to your MSP based on the skill sets of your current team and what you need to propel your business forward. Co-managed IT support monitors, troubleshoots, strengthens, and helps evolve your IT infrastructure as your business grows.

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2. What Are Some Examples of Managed Services?

One of the most incredible benefits of managed IT services is that each service level agreement we make with a company is entirely customizable. We can work side-by-side with your current IT team as co-managed IT support or replace them altogether with managed IT services. Some examples of managed services include:

  • IT monitoring and managing
  • Cloud services
  • Remote monitoring of hardware
  • Data backup and security services
  • VoIP installation and support services
  • Preventative system maintenance

Plus, when you work with InnoTek, we guarantee one-hour response times for businesses located in Bloomsburg, Hazleton, Scranton, and the surrounding Northeastern PA areas!

3. Why Do I Need an MSP?

You may think that hiring an MSP isn’t for you because you already have some IT personnel on staff. But when was the last time you checked on their workload? It’s common for IT departments to be overworked and understaffed, and that’s where an MSP can step in. You’ll get IT professionals focused on your business, so you don’t have to worry about missing any necessary updates or monitoring your networks.

Plus, it’s easy to scale managed solutions as your business grows, whether by expanding your cloud computing capabilities or helping you plan for disaster recovery. There’s also a cost savings aspect to hiring an MSP. It’s often cheaper to work with InnoTek to assist your IT department than to hire a full-time staff member. In addition, you get the bonus of having a predictable monthly invoice for your co-managed IT support.

Suppose you already have a managed service provider. In that case, have you evaluated how well they are helping your business? Are they responding to your requests promptly? Are they helping to propel your business forward?

If your answers are “no” or “I’m not sure,” then it’s time to speak with the professionals at InnoTek and see the difference that responsive, local IT support can make for your business.

And if your business doesn’t have any IT staff, you need to call InnoTek immediately to get set up to protect your business from hackers. Don’t wait! The longer you go without proper data security and backups, the more vulnerable your business is.

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4. Are There Any Disadvantages to Hiring an IT Services Provider?

With any business decision you make, there will always be some downsides. The same is valid for hiring managed IT support services. For example, when something in your network breaks and fixing it remotely isn’t possible, you may have to wait to get it fixed. If you work with InnoTek, we guarantee a tech on-site within one hour for businesses located in Bloomsburg, Hazleton, and surrounding areas in Northeastern PA.

Another disadvantage is that as your business grows and changes, you need to debrief your MSP so that they can properly move with the ebb and flow of your business. In addition, having outsourced co-managed IT support means that none of your employees can learn new tech processes or retain knowledge for future training since another company handles all your IT support.

And while these disadvantages are something you should consider, the benefits of having managed IT support services far outweigh them. The peace of mind that comes with knowing your systems are being monitored 24/7, and your IT is working for you even while you’re sleeping, is crucial.

5. What If I Already Have an Internal IT Team?

If you already have an internal IT team, a co-managed service provider can complement what they do. You can think of an MSP as an extension of your team, just located in a different building. You can assign time-consuming tasks to your external IT department so that your internal staff can focus on helping your employees stay productive.

In addition, hiring a co-MSP to work alongside your staff can help support those team members who call off sick or take a vacation. This way, you’ll never be without help in your networking and data backup, and your business can run smoothly.

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What are you waiting for now that you know five major things about having co-managed and managed IT support services? Never be without computer help again because someone called off sick or your internal team’s workload is so heavy that they forget about updating critical network patches. Give InnoTek Computer Consulting a call today to get IT support that moves your company forward.

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