6 Cybersecurity Questions to Ask Before You Hire an Office Relocation Service Provider

Whether your business is already in Northeastern PA or you’re new to the area, moving your office is an exciting time. It often means you’re growing and need to expand the space you have to serve more customers and increase your profits. Before you pick out the paint color for your new office or order new filing cabinets to support your growing business, however, you have a significant concern you need to address—safely moving your entire network and technology infrastructure.

Choosing the wrong office relocation service provider can have dire consequences on the future of your business. Moving and storage services from non-technical companies often claim they can handle the setup of your office equipment and network. However, these full-service moving teams often don’t have the knowledge, experience, and skills to get your office set up securely to prevent cyberattacks and data loss.

Avoid the tragic consequences of data breaches and downtime by looking for an IT partner specializing in network, data center, and computer relocations, like InnoTek Computer Consulting. For more than 20 years, our team of information technology experts has been helping small businesses like yours get the cybersecurity, cloud services, business continuity, and VoIP services they need to thrive.

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1. Do They Have Experience in Computer Relocations?

One of the top questions you’ll want to ask prospective relocation companies is whether they have experience in computer relocations. If they say no, you’ll want to eliminate them from your moving company options. If they say yes, you should ask them for details about past relocations they have done and whether that included setting up networks, cybersecurity protocols, and other necessary components of the infrastructure of your business operations.

Since your business depends on its technology to function, you’ll want to choose a provider of office moving services who knows what they’re doing. One misstep in the process can leave your company open to cyberattacks the moment you power on your network. You need office relocation services from InnoTek.

We’ll prepare a detailed moving plan that outlines exactly what needs to be done and in what order and test it before you’re even ready to operate on day one at your new office. Our goal is to make your moving day as stress-free as possible, and we have the experience necessary to get the job done.

2. How Will They Safeguard Your Data Before, During, and After the Move?

Regular office movers often don’t have the experience and knowledge necessary to protect your data before, during, and after the move of your professional offices. Suppose the moving company you’re interviewing doesn’t have any interest in your current setup to understand your IT needs at your new location. In that case, you need to choose another provider in Northeastern PA, like InnoTek.

We’ll take some time to learn about your current network, IT infrastructure, and data centers pre-move. Knowing exactly how you have things set up before your move will help us suggest security measures you may be lacking and ensure those are in place after your move. You also don’t want cyber criminals getting a hold of your business data during the move, so we put special protocols in place to prevent that from happening.

3. What Happens If Unexpected Issues Arise During the Move?

If you’ve ever moved in your personal life, you know that something unexpected always happens during the moving process. How will your prospective office relocation service provider handle these issues? For example, what happens if the commercial moving truck hauling your computer equipment gets in an accident? They should have insurance in place to repair or recoup the losses from any damage that may incur and ensure you don’t lose any of your precious data.

When you trust InnoTek with your IT relocation services, we make a contingency plan to account for as many unexpected hurdles as possible. The comprehensive plan we establish before your move even begins includes a detailed list of responsibilities to ensure your business relocation goes smoothly. We’ll back up your data before the move to ensure that none is lost if an unexpected accident happens.

4. In What Ways Will Their Office Relocation Service Help Minimize Downtime?

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Packing, moving, unpacking, installing, and configuring your computer, network, and data center take considerable time. Since time is money, a reliable office relocation service provider like InnoTek will take the necessary steps to ensure downtime is minimal. Our IT relocation services will help migrate your systems to a hybrid cloud solution to ensure you remain online during your office move.

Plus, if you desire to have the capabilities to work from home or anywhere else after the move, we can create an environment where you can take advantage of cloud capabilities long after your move is complete. Call us today to see how this service can improve your business operations before and after your relocation.

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5. Do They Have Access to the Right Tools, Equipment, and Accessories?

Your office relocation service provider should have access to the tools, equipment, and accessories necessary for a successful setup. You don’t want to go to a new office with old wiring that may not be able to support your current business environment.

When you partner with an IT move planning company like InnoTek, we can ensure that only the highest-quality cabling materials and best practices are used for optimal performance. In fact, as your managed IT service provider, we can often help you get a better quote on your IT purchases. It’s just one of the many benefits you’ll enjoy of working with an IT service provider like us.

6. Do They Have the Ability to Make Improvement Suggestions on Your Current Setup?

While you’re in the process of your move planning, a strategic office relocation service provider can help you analyze your current setup and offer suggestions for improvement. You’re likely moving because your business is growing. Old technology, like in-house data centers and storage cabinets, may no longer be best for your business.

With InnoTek’s office moving services, we’ll thoroughly review your current and new building’s cable, access control, heating, cooling, electrical, and structural specifications to ensure they work best for you. If not, we’ll suggest improvements you can make to ensure you get the most out of your new office.

For a Seamless Transition with Minimal Downtime, Contact InnoTek!

At InnoTek Computer Consulting, we know that you want your office move to be smooth and stress-free. To do that, you must partner with an office relocation service provider well-versed in computer relocations.

The problem is that most generic short or long-distance moving companies don’t know what they’re doing regarding technology infrastructure, which makes you feel worried that your data and systems won’t be safe. We believe that you deserve to be able to protect your business and its data before, during, and after the move for a seamless transition.

We understand how daunting the moving process can be, so we make it easy to prevent data destruction during your server relocations. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Get to Know You–We learn about your current setup, your needs, wants, and plans for your business
  2. Visit Your New Office Location–We review your new location to ensure you have all you need to prosper there
  3. Plan for Communications—We review things like phone lines, network connections, HVAC systems, and more to ensure that you can pick up in your new office right where you left off at your old one
  4. Protect Your Data—Keeping your data safe is of utmost importance to us. We’ll devise a plan to ensure that you don’t lose any of your data and make it easy to work in a hybrid cloud environment during the move.
  5. Test Everything—Before day one at your new place, we’ll test everything—from your firewall and network connections to your computer and server backups. We want to ensure you don’t miss a beat throughout this process.

So, contact us today to discuss your upcoming office move! And in the meantime, be sure you read our FREE report, “What Every Business Owner Must Know About Protecting and Preserving Their Network.” Avoid losing time and revenue if your IT move isn’t successful, and instead, keep your network and system protected with InnoTek.

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