How Security Awareness Training Can Actually Save You Money

For a small business in Northeastern PA, you feel like you’re doing a decent job of protecting your computers. You’ve installed virus protection, created a password for your WiFi, and set up a spam filter for emails.

Besides, you’re just a tiny company. Who would want to waste their time trying to steal your information? Unfortunately, this is dangerous and flawed thinking. Today, the smaller the target, the easier it is for cyberattacks to be successful—and hackers know this.

IT security services from InnoTek Computer Consulting are one way you can ensure that your computers, network, and data are truly protected. In addition, we can also help mitigate the risk of your most significant security liability: your employees.

Whether it’s from falling victim to phishing emails, using weak passwords, or exposing information on social media, your employees can cost you thousands—if not millions—of dollars from data breaches. But that’s not all. Less obvious costs of not having employee security awareness training are lost time, lost customers, and reputation damage.

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