What Industries Benefit the Most from InnoTek’s VoIP Consulting Services?

There is no doubt that voice over internet protocol (VoIP) makes good sense for small businesses. Between helping you cut costs on unlimited calls, video conferencing, and caller ID, not to mention all the advanced features like sending calls to mobile devices or desk phones and email, phone, and fax services, transitioning to VoIP is a smart move for any business.

But which industries could benefit the most from using a VoIP system? As a leading provider of VoIP consulting services in northeastern Pennsylvania, InnoTek Computer Consulting has been helping small businesses like yours transition from outdated landlines to up-to-date VoIP solutions for decades. Best of all, we can handle it all from installation, upgrades, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Talk to us today to get the best VoIP service for your business.

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What is One of the Top Benefits of VoIP for Businesses?

A business phone system that uses VoIP technology has numerous benefits for businesses of all sizes. One of the top benefits of switching to VoIP is that this service makes all your communications more efficient. VoIP can do everything from call routing, voicemail transcription, fax, voice, video, and email as a single unified communication platform—all for one low affordable price.

InnoTek’s VoIP consulting services allow you to take advantage of all these features plus more, and we act as your official VoIP consultant to ensure a painless transition. We’ll do all the heavy lifting, so all you have to do is give us a call and request VoIP service, and we will start the process for you.

Is VoIP Worth It for Small Businesses?

Small businesses, in particular, benefit from VoIP services, and it’s worth the call to InnoTek to change from your outdated landline. In fact, recent research shows that more than 1/3 of all businesses now use VoIP for their phone system, and most of those are businesses have fewer than 50 employees.

Besides cost savings and unified communications, VoIP features, including international calling, mobile and desktop apps, dedicated business phone numbers, and a virtual receptionist, are just some reasons VoIP technology can make small businesses more efficient and productive.

What Industries Benefit from VoIP?

While almost all businesses can benefit from using business VoIP phone service, some industries see a more significant benefit than others. Let’s look at which industries can best use VoIP service to improve communications.

1. Customer Service

All our businesses aim to help our customers improve their lives, solve a problem, or make something more straightforward, so we’re all in the customer service industry. So, if your company has a customer service department, VoIP can make their jobs easier. This technology can reduce operational costs, minimize wait times by routing calls to free agents, and train agents with the help of live-call monitoring.

Your VoIP phone system can also link with customer relationship management (CRM) software. This CRM integration allows your agents to see all the information they need at their fingertips so that they can help your clients quickly and easily.

In addition, VoIP can help make working from home for customer service representatives easier by using IP softphones. Softphones are applications you use on internet-enabled devices like smartphones and laptops so that you can make and receive calls anywhere with an Internet connection.

2. e-Commerce

For businesses that operate an e-commerce business, a VoIP phone system can help resolve your customers’ queries within minutes. In addition, departments that need to work together frequently, like customer service and the warehouse, or management and a store, can have reliable, clear, and consistent communication.

E-commerce businesses also benefit from VoIP because you can record calls to verify claims and transfer calls to the first available employee. It also provides excellent remote work capabilities, so VoIP is the perfect solution to stay connected to your customers if your business is still operating from home.

3. Hospitality

If you work in the hospitality industry, you know the importance of having an exceptional phone system. You need to handle multiple calls at any time and transfer calls to different departments or employees seamlessly. VoIP software allows you to have these capabilities, in addition to customizing on-hold music, so your callers don’t get frustrated and give up. This feature can also be an effective marketing tool to upsell or promote other services your company provides.

If all your agents are busy, a virtual assistant can take messages from the customer and send them to a designated email address. As soon as somebody is available, your customer can receive the help they need.

Rows of workers in a call center using headsets to help customers.

4. Call Centers

if your call center isn’t using VoIP technology, you’re doing yourself a disservice. An efficient phone system is critical, especially for places with a call center. You need features like call routing and logging, desktop agents, call recording, and seamless transfer to other agents or departments. Contact InnoTek today to see how our VoIP consulting services can help your call center update its communications.

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5. Airlines

One of the lessons many businesses learned from COVID-19 is that having reliable phone service is crucial to stay afloat. The airline industry is no exception. Moving from traditional landlines to VoIP phones can be a game-changer for airlines. Even if the world is in lockdown, you can still have customer service agents available to take calls from potential or disgruntled travelers.

6. Healthcare

When someone’s life is on the line, you can’t depend on corded lines that require you to run halfway across the floor to make a call. You need wireless technology that allows you to reach any department at any place to help your patient’s needs. InnoTek’s VoIP consulting services are excellent for large hospitals for this reason but are also helpful at smaller clinics, elderly care centers, and nursing homes.

You can customize menus for quick solutions and provide shorter hold times for critical care. In addition, you can bring up patient information through electronic health records and integration and quickly reach the doctors or nurses you need.

7. Travel Agencies

International calling is a vital feature for travel agencies as they call other destinations for reservations for their clients. Their goal is to make travel easier for their clients. Suppose your phone system can’t stand up to the rigorous demands of calling multiple airlines, hotels, car rental agencies, and other necessary places to make a reservation. In that case, your agency will not be profitable.

VoIP software has the advantage of offering seamless audio connections and automatic call forwarding. When your clients call to book a reservation or ask questions about a planned itinerary, using cost-effective VoIP business phones makes communication efficient.

An image of a person typing on a laptop with hexagons of different real estate icons over the top.

7. Real Estate Companies

Real estate companies receive all types of phone calls from inquiries about a house, issues with paying a mortgage, homeowners who want to sell, and of course, people with grievances. VoIP is great for real estate because it provides a cloud-based platform and plenty of business phone numbers to use for various purposes.

In addition, clients often want to see pictures of a house they may want. VoIP gives you the technology to send images easily to clients without switching to a different program or meeting in person.

9. Financial Institutions

With something as sensitive as money, you need a phone service that can be secure, so customers feel safe providing their personal information over the phone. And with banks having multiple branches in various locations, connecting and videoconferencing is extremely important. That’s why so many financial institutions have turned to VoIP technology for its robust features and being able to handle the pressure of such a highly complex industry.

10. Education

Finally, the education sector needs a cloud-based phone system to keep up with the rapidly developing technology of the future. With more online classes than ever before, having seamless video, voice, and email features is an absolute necessity for any educational institution.

Who Can Give Me the VoIP Consulting Services I Need?

The beauty of VoIP phones for business is that so many of their features are helpful in various industries. And if you found yourself nodding along or thinking, I wish we had that feature; then it’s time to give InnoTek a call for our VoIP consulting services. We provide the best VoIP service for businesses in the northeastern Pennsylvania area, including Hazleton, Wilkes-Barre, Scranton, and Bloomsburg. Get in touch with us today!

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