What Managed IT Solutions Can Do for Your Business

Is your company struggling to meet demands because of IT headaches? Or do you want to hire an IT team but can’t make the budget work out? If so, managed IT services might provide you access to support and security without adding the cost of multiple paychecks to your operating costs. A managed service provider (MSP) can fill in for and fill out your IT team while providing new opportunities for growth and development.

Working with a managed IT service provider will outsource your IT responsibilities to a company or organization that supports multiple business’s IT-managed services. This service takes the work off of your hands and puts it onto the shoulders of a group that can handle it. If you are considering a new model for your IT support and security needs, read on to learn more! Call us today and start the conversation about what managed IT solutions are available for you!

What Are Managed IT Services?

Whether or not you have an IT team, your business needs to have network security, IT support, and an effective technology structure. You don’t want to have to deputize someone to do IT work when they could be doing the work you hired them to do. Even if you DO have an IT team, they might be more focused on security than upgrades or support of your tech. This area is where managed services step in.

Managed IT services are any tech tasks handled by a third-party business. They could provide IT support, security monitoring, data, and management services, or the whole breadth of IT work. This form of IT support can be cheaper than hiring new members, adding new technology infrastructure, and spending time to learn new programs. You can have your IT fully managed by an outside technology partner, or co-managed with your internal team. The beauty of this service is that it can be completely customized to your business needs.

What Does Managed IT Look Like?

Managed IT solutions can come in many forms and be as customizable as you like. Maybe you want to bring a team on for a specific project or want to offload a specific subset of IT troubles. IT service providers are flexible and eager to please, so there are many ways to integrate IT managed services with your business.

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Cloud Services

Cloud technology has allowed managed IT service providers to offer remote assistance to customers via cloud services. Cloud services include managing cloud infrastructure to keep your business mobile and flexible and managing cloud migration. The cloud is also great for data storage.

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Communication Services

Telephone, video calls, data communication, and more are all under the umbrella of IT, and they can all be managed via an MSP. This managed platform ensures your teams have access to each other, your business is open to calls and email, and it can help streamline your phone centers.

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Data Backup and Recovery

Most businesses need a minimum amount of data to work properly, and ensuring a backup is on hand will keep you from missing time in the event of a disaster. Managed data backup will take the data storage costs off of your hands while also giving you peace of mind that your backup will be updated frequently.

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Security Services

Managed service providers lean into proactive support now more than ever, which results in better-managed security services and safer data. Security is one of the most important aspects of IT support, and you want to have the best possible team behind your firewalls.

Beyond these major examples, there are dozens of ways that managed IT services can be employed to support your business. From help desk support to Software as a Service (SaaS) implementation, managed IT solutions can fill almost any need. Any good managed IT service provider will have a long conversation with you about your business needs and work with you to fill those gaps. Get in touch with us today to start that discussion!

What Are the Benefits of Managed IT Services?

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Managed service providers present an opportunity to take a lot of work and headaches off your hands. The primary benefit is having a full team of IT professionals available without the cost of an exclusive in-house hire. But the benefits don’t end there.

Save Money

The major benefit of managed IT services is the reduced cost to you. Hiring and employing a team isn’t always in the budget, but a third-party team is often in charge of IT for multiple businesses, mitigating individual costs.

Enjoy a broader skill set

Opening up to an outside team means you will have access to an entirely know set of skills and techniques. From managed cloud services to data management, your IT team will open up new avenues of development for your business infrastructure.

Fill knowledge gaps

IT is a broad category of business, and it’s easy to develop a narrow breadth of knowledge. Filling in gaps and staying flexible will keep your business from stagnating or missing pitfalls. Additionally, fresh perspectives will keep you up to date with the latest technology and advancements.

Improve IT productivity

When you have these new skill sets and fill in knowledge gaps, your IT members can focus on the work they know and love. Maybe your best security member won’t have to do tedious troubleshooting, or the best help-desk member can stop struggling through cloud migration.

Ensure 24/7 Availability

With the remote technologies of today, your IT system’s performance can be monitored in real-time across any stretch of space. Constant updates and remote monitoring can ensure security and avoid downtime to your network.

Maintain Documentation

When a critical team member retires or quits, you can’t risk losing passwords, tools, or other knowledge they might have had. A third-party support manager must have stricter documentation and tracking software to ensure consistency and efficient IT-managed services.

Managed vs. Co-Managed Services

Managed IT services can fill much-needed support and security gaps by taking the work off your shoulders, especially if you manage your IT alone. But if you have an internal IT team, you might wonder how working with a Managed IT provider could benefit your company.

Co-managed IT services are the middle-ground offered by managed services providers, and the solutions are just as customizable as traditional managed services. Co-managed support is a true partnership between the internal team and the provider, ensuring seamless support, scalability, and security without the added burden on your team or your bottom line.

Save Yourself Time and Money with InnoTek’s Managed IT Solutions

When managed IT solutions are out of reach, a professional service provider can help. If you find yourself wasting dozens of hours troubleshooting your IT problems, support services providers are able to streamline and smooth out your workday.

A managed service provider like InnoTek can step in and take on as much work as you are willing to give. Don’t struggle through day-to-day security updates or data backups. Let managed IT services make work better. We provide our services throughout the NE Pennsylvania area, from Scranton to Williamsport and beyond. Call today, and we can start the discussion of what managed solutions we can offer you and find a way forward together.

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