Why Does Your Small Business Need Email Protection Services?

How many emails do you and your employees send each day? While there is no doubt that email has become a primary mode of communication for many businesses, it also comes with its share of risks. Some of the email threats your business faces each day include:

  • Someone else, other than the intended recipient, reading your emails
  • Receiving and clicking on a fraudulent email that looks legitimate
  • Hard-to-access archives that make breaking into Fort Knox look easy

And if you’re feeling comfortable with your email security because you use spam filters, then you are exactly where cybercriminals want you to be. Your emails, the sensitive information you send, and the future of your business are all at risk without email protection services from a qualified cybersecurity company like InnoTek Computer Consulting.

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Why Is Email Security Important for Business?

Do you have less than 100 employees? If so, on average, one of your employees will experience 350% more social engineering attacks than an employee of a larger company. But your employees aren’t the only ones at risk. CEOs and CFOs are twice as likely to be targeted than other employees.

Cybercriminals tend to target small businesses more than larger ones because those SMBs often have inadequate security services for email. Email is one of the easiest and most common ways a cybercriminal will try to access your network. Your business emails and confidential information are too important to leave to just spam filtering programs. Your northeastern PA business needs robust email protection services from us.

What Cyberthreats Exist Through Email?

One way that cybercriminals will use your lack of security to their advantage is through a cyberattack called spear phishing. They will send emails that appear to be from a legitimate person, often within your own company, to get the recipient to reveal confidential information or click a link. Once inside your network, a cybercriminal can wreak havoc that is difficult for any business to recover from.

You may also be susceptible to phishing attacks. Unlike spear phishing, which typically targets one person, a phishing attack sends malicious emails to a large group of people, like your entire organization. All it takes is for one person to believe the email is legitimate, to click on a link, or take another action. Now your business email is compromised, and your network exposed.

How Do I Protect My Business Email?

Luckily, cybercriminals are no match for an IT security company like us. We offer email security solutions that stop spam, worms, viruses, phishing malware, and other threats from ever reaching your employees’ inboxes. We eliminate email attacks and other advanced threats that threaten your business with data loss.

In addition, you should set requirements for strong passwords, use two-factor authentication, train your employees in cybersecurity best practices, and avoid public WiFi.

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How Do I Safeguard Sensitive Information in Emails?

The short answer is end-to-end email encryption. This type of protection scrambles the original sent message and converts it into undecipherable code. Then, the intended recipient has the code to decipher the message and can read it. This type of email protection ensures that only your intended recipients can read the emails you send, protecting you from phishing, malware, and other email threats.

What Does Security Awareness Training Have to Do with Email Security?

A lot! Security awareness training helps employees learn about the latest cyber threats and how they can wreak havoc. Your employees are your number one security liability because they often don’t even realize when they fall victim to cybercriminals. Poor password practices, posting personal information on social media, and having a compromised email account are all ways your employees’ behavior can threaten your company.

However, there is hope. In addition to our email protection services, your employees can take our IT security training program. This one-hour training can be taken at any time and is followed by a 20-question security test. Afterward, your employees will receive a certificate and better understand their role in data loss prevention and IT security. In addition, they’ll receive ongoing micro-trainings and security emails to keep what they learned fresh in their minds.

Why Should My Business Choose InnoTek’s Security Services for Email?

Simply put, we have the best email protection services for SMBs in northeastern PA. We understand small and medium-sized businesses and what they need to remain protected from cyber threats. You deserve a company that not only has the years of experience to protect your business but also one that has knowledgeable techs that speak in easy-to-understand terms.

From Scranton and Wilkes-Barre, Pottsville and Reading, to Bloomsburg and Hazleton, small businesses like yours rely on us for all information technology needs. Beyond robust email protection services, we also offer cloud computing, business continuity, VoIP, and more. When something goes wrong, we can fix most repairs remotely. Otherwise, we’ll be on-site within one hour to quickly fix the issue and get your business back to work.

Be Ready for Whatever Threat Comes Your Way with Email Protection Services

Email attacks aren’t something to be taken lightly. One accidental click can lead to an account takeover by a cybercriminal that leaves your business in ruin. But with our email protection services, you can relax knowing that we have your back and aren’t allowing any attacks that may jeopardize your business. Get in touch with us today to get started on protecting your emails!

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