Why Your Business’ Approach to IT Security Providers Is Vital in 2023

Businesses of all sizes are feeling the pressure to stay ahead of cyber attacks. In 2021, cybercrime cost businesses around the world an estimated $6 trillion in lost productivity and revenue, and these costs are only expected to rise throughout 2023.

As a small business owner, choosing a reliable IT security provider focused on cybersecurity is essential for keeping your data safe from hackers and other malicious people. With so many internet security companies on the market, it can be difficult to know which one is right for your business’s unique needs and budget.

Deciding on what type of managed services provider you want to go with is one of the least challenging parts since new cyber threats are being created every day. In this blog, we will discuss why your approach to selecting an IT security provider and taking cybersecurity seriously in 2023 is more important than ever before.

Cybercriminals Are Evolving, Just Like Technology

In 2023, cybercriminals will continue to evolve and change their tactics to stay ahead of the latest technological advancements. As technology continues to advance, so do the methods and strategies utilized by cybercriminals. They can use new technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and sophisticated malware, to access your business’s valuable information or resources.

While technology and cybercriminals continue to evolve at an alarming rate, you must ensure that your network protection remains secure while keeping up with recent technological advances. For example, as AI becomes more powerful and pervasive, attackers can use it for various nefarious purposes like spoofing user identities or launching automatic attacks on vulnerable systems. Additionally, new exploits such as ransomware have been gaining traction in recent years, a trend that could hit too close to home if advanced threat protection and network security are not on your priority list for 2023.

How You Can Stay Ahead Of Attacks and Up On Emerging Technology

To stay safe from cybercriminals in 2023, your organization should be proactive about data security and protection from potential online threats. You should invest in cutting-edge security technologies like multi-factor authentication protocols, strong password policies, and rigorous data risk analysis. Additionally, consider incorporating detection and response solutions to monitor your networks continuously for suspicious activity or malicious code.

Vulnerabilities Exist Even in Places You Thought Were Protected

With the prevalence of cyber attacks growing exponentially, businesses worldwide, even those that thought their security services were adequate, are feeling the effects. Though you may think your company has taken all necessary database security measures, vulnerabilities still exist in places you thought were secure. With more technology being used for everyday activities such as banking and customer service, these vulnerabilities can become even greater targets for attackers.

That is why now, more than ever before, as a business owner, you need to understand the potential risks associated with online attacks. A single breach can cause you millions of dollars in losses due to stolen customer information. Additionally, a “successful” attack like this could lead to reputational damage if your customer’s data is compromised or leaked online. While it is unfortunate, this could lead your customers to switch to competitors offering better security protocols.

How To Implement Innovative Cybersecurity Solutions for Your Most Sensitive Data

One of the most effective ways to protect against information vulnerabilities is through a layered approach to digital risk protection. Deploying multiple layers of data protection at different points throughout your company’s framework can help identify any suspicious activity or unauthorized access attempts. Layers of security management mean staying diligent and consistent about threat detection, vulnerability management, and server security, helping ensure that your most valuable assets as a business are safe from cyber harm.

Additionally, educating your employees through network security awareness training can help be the best defense against cybercrime. By understanding how vulnerabilities exist in places you and your employees never expect them, you help ensure your system remains secure and that valuable customer data remains safe from hackers. Additionally, a security audit, a regularly scheduled vulnerability assessment, and a system in which you gain threat intelligence should be implemented to identify any weak spots before they become an issue.

Hackers Might Be Evolving, But Always Stick To What Works: Phishing

an image of a credit card on a fishing hook over a computer

As we discussed in a previous paragraph, as technology advances, so do hackers’ strategies. However, despite technological advancements and tactics, phishing remains a popular method for hackers to access sensitive data. If you are wondering why they continue to use it, it is for two reasons: it is easy to do and has a higher chance of working than other methods.

Due to its cost-effectiveness and ease of implementation, cybercriminals use phishing as their go-to method for gaining access to important data. With phishing, all a hacker needs is an email address and the ability to craft a compelling message that entices the recipient to click on a malicious link or attachment, putting your entire company’s file security at risk.

In addition, phishing campaigns have been known to be successful. Phishing messages are designed to be convincing and frequently appear as if they were sent from a trusted source. With the trusted source being the sender, it makes it easier for hackers to trick unsuspecting victims into clicking on their malicious links or attachments without suspicion. Even if you have intelligent security solutions to mitigate this for your company, there is always a chance that someone internally could fall for this ruse.

Prevent Phishing By Not Turning A Blind-Eye To The Cybersecurity Fundamentals

You must not ignore the basic, blatant cybercriminal tactics to protect your businesses from cyber threats. A good starting point is to ensure your staff members know what phishing looks like, so they can quickly spot suspicious emails or websites. A big part of this training is being taught how to think critically and verify the source of an email before taking action. Many other small businesses turn to business IT solutions, such as cyber intelligence services or IT security providers, to help put this training in place internally.

Another key aspect in the fight against phishing attacks, and other standard hacking attempts, is to keep up with the latest software updates, as these often contain security patches and other bug fixes that could help ward off cyber thieves. Even though phishing is generally done through email, having all systems updated, secure, and encrypted only adds another layer of protection to your infrastructure.

Don’t Wait For An Attack To Happen! Choose InnoTek as Your IT Security Provider to Help You Protect Your Company Against Cybercrime

Your approach to cybersecurity in 2023 shouldn’t happen after a data breach. At InnoTek Computer Consulting, we’re an IT security provider here to safeguard your Northeastern Pennsylvania company’s most valuable data and prevent it from getting into the wrong hands. If you need help protecting your data assets, contact us today!


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