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Can Your Industry Benefit from Our Top-Tier IT Business Support?

Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania businesses of every size—from startups to multi-national corporations, large enterprise companies to government agencies, and small businesses to mid-market companies—feel the advantages of our IT business support. Whether they’re looking to experience the benefits of a remote IT support company, managed IT service, managed IT support, cybersecurity solutions, or any other service, we are proud to provide high quality IT services to various industries.

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Our Clients All Have a Few Things in Common

No matter the industry, the business owners who hire us all have a few things in common: they understand the value of technology in their businesses. They are willing to invest in technology to improve their infrastructure and efficiency. In addition, they know they need a long-term IT business support partner—a trusted advisor—who can help them leverage highly effective technology to be more productive and profitable to gain a competitive advantage.

InnoTek’s focus on a wide range of capabilities has been developed to meet your unique needs—and whatever those IT needs are, we have the experience and expertise to make it happen.

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Get the Most From Your Technology Investment

Significant ROI is possible with a managed IT solution that meets all your technology needs, from remote monitoring and network security to disaster recovery and cloud storage.

When you partner with InnoTek, you’ll enjoy managed IT support services that include support solutions, the ability to work from home, prompt technical support, remote IT support services, reliable internet connectivity, fast response times, remarkable customer support, and even disaster recovery—all of which work to improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability while lowering your costs.

The Industries that Rely on Robust IT Business Support

InnoTek can support and improve the functions of nearly any business, but specific industries rely on robust information technology departments to operate successfully. These include companies with many remote-work employees who require access to e-mail and other information resources while on the go and businesses that rely on real-time monitoring and data collection for compliance reporting.

For these reasons and a hundred more (no, really – check out 100+ Reasons To Do Business With InnoTek), our customers in local government and the manufacturing, healthcare, insurance, and financial industries rely on us to establish and support the advanced technology systems that transform their companies into highly efficient and effective businesses.


We improve how manufacturing companies manage their IT by proactively identifying and resolving issues before they affect operations.

Here at InnoTek, we know that technology can be just as cost-effective, efficient, and productive as the rest of your business. However, we’ve found that manufacturing companies often experience a disconnect between the principles that guide their operations and how they manage their technology.

In recent years, weak cybersecurity measures during increased remote work and sophisticated social engineering attacks—like phishing and ransomware—have become just as much of a threat to local manufacturers as hardware issues.

Add to this the increased pressure of cyber security accountability and compliance, and it’s not surprising that manufacturing executives are confused and overwhelmed by their IT.

That’s where InnoTek comes in! Our strategic IT business support and consulting give executives the guidance they need to make informed technology decisions that improve productivity, efficiency, and security for their business.

We help manufacturers by providing the following:

  • Improved Network Connectivity and Stability
  • Guaranteed One-Hour Response Time
  • After-Hours Support
  • CMMC, NIST, and ISO Compliance
  • Optimized Processes and Data Integrity
  • Improved Cybersecurity Posture with State-of-the-Art Tools
  • Access Controls Implementation

…and so much more!

The professionals at InnoTek are ready to help you navigate this complex matter with technology solutions, state-of-the-art cybersecurity operations, and a team dedicated to your security.


Healthcare organizations are uniquely positioned in an increasingly online world. Providers and staff must ensure they provide quality care and keep patient data safe while incorporating new technologies they need to do their jobs.

But healthcare providers face an ever-growing risk of cyberattacks, and the industry is a prime target for cybercriminals because of the large amount of personal data stored on their networks. A breach can compromise patient privacy, destroy trust, and cause massive financial losses, which could have dire consequences for patients and providers alike.

InnoTek does the heavy lifting by providing expert IT support, so you don’t need to consider your technology. We have five Service Delivery Teams that make up your outsourced IT department. We will handle everything from ongoing assessments to strategic consulting, remote monitoring, project management, and more. We’ll also provide unlimited Service Desk support so you can focus on what matters most—your patients—while we take care of the rest.

We help healthcare organizations with the following:

  • HIPAA Compliance Across Your Organization
  • Security Policies and Procedures, Including Access Control
  • Advanced Cybersecurity Tools
  • Management of All Devices, Endpoints, and Users on Your Network
  • Efficient and Reliable Data Storage Solutions

We’re here to help your business navigate complex technical and cybersecurity issues. With decades of experience, we’ve helped companies like yours overcome the challenges of a rapidly changing market. We’re ready to help you!

Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis is an industry teeming with innovative technology, from automated growth systems to access control—not to mention the tracking and technologies required for maintaining compliance and staying on the right side of various regulatory bodies. As a result, technology will always be an essential part of your business.

With so much on the line, it could be catastrophic if any part of your operating system or network infrastructure goes down. Unfortunately, there’s little time for a tech blow-up in such a competitive industry.

That’s why you need a remote IT support company that can leverage the expertise of its team and a national network of technology experts to ensure that your network runs smoothly, efficiently, and securely. In addition, you need a partner with a proven track record of success in the cannabis industry who knows how to navigate the unique regulatory environment.

This is where we come in.

With InnoTek, you can confidently run your grow facility, dispensary, and corporate headquarters, knowing that your business technology is being handled—so productivity never suffers.

We are a trusted, full-service Managed IT Service and Security Provider (MSP) delivering end-to-end solutions for growers, dispensaries, labs, and brands. From seed to sale, we provide technologies that help our clients automate their processes while staying compliant with state regulations and industry standards.

Here are a few ways we support our medical cannabis clients:

  • Guaranteed One-Hour Response Time
  • Extended After-Hours and Weekend Support
  • Achievement and Maintenance of Regulatory Compliance
  • Cybersecurity Enhancement with State-of-the-Art, Multi-Layered Protections
  • Device, Endpoint, and Employee Management
  • Maximum-Efficiency Cloud Applications
  • Video Surveillance
  • Access Control Systems
  • Improved Workflow and Efficiencies
  • Comprehensive Backup and Disaster Recovery Procedures
  • Unlimited Service Desk Support

In short, we’ll take care of your tech so you can do what you do best: growing great cannabis.

Banking & Financial Services

The financial sector is fraught with privacy and cybersecurity concerns, especially since consumers create a great deal of sensitive data. As a result, credit unions, banks, financial planners, and investment companies have a lot to lose if their customers’ data is compromised or stolen in a breach.

Not only would there be a loss of reputation, and a significant financial loss, they would likely be unable to attract new clients or retain current ones.

There are ways to ensure that doesn’t happen to your firm, and InnoTek is here to help by implementing our proactive IT approach that lowers costs, minimizes risks, and achieves new levels of success.

Creating a robust and reliable infrastructure with multi-layered cybersecurity protections enables our clients to be early adopters of new technology without compromising their networks’ stability or customers’ security.

 Some of the ways we help our financial services firms include:

  • Guaranteed One-Hour Response Times
  • Extended After-Hours Support
  • Achievement and Maintenance of Regulatory Compliance
  • Maximized Cybersecurity and Layered Defenses
  • Managed Devices, Endpoints, and Users (On-Site and Remotely)
  • Solid, Scalable Infrastructure
  • Systems that Optimize Connectivity and Productivity
  • The Ability for Your Workforce to Work from Anywhere
  • Backup and Recovery Procedures
  • Unlimited Support Desk Calls

When you partner with us for your business IT support in the financial industry, you can count on us to keep operations smooth and data secure.

Local Government

The people you serve have high expectations. They want your leadership to make their community a safe and healthy place to live. But it can be hard for them to understand how difficult budget decisions are on the local level—particularly when the importance of initiatives isn’t immediately clear.

When budgets and expectations don’t align, it becomes difficult to know where you can afford to make concessions. Still, failure to keep your technology infrastructure up to date can have negative consequences—risking a cyber attack, disgruntled citizens and staff, and a poor reputation in your community.

That’s why Local Government offices, including Town Administrators, Police and Fire Departments, Municipal Offices, Public Transportation Departments, and more, are using InnoTek’s proprietary technology and support packages to ensure their systems run smoothly and consistently and for reliable IT support if things go wrong. Our technology solutions are designed to ensure that your system is always running at peak performance and that your data is always safe and secure.

We understand what it takes to provide reliable technology solutions that meet the needs of a busy municipality, and we’re ready to bring that expertise to your city.

We offer various services to help local governments, including:

  • Guaranteed One-Hour Response Time
  • Extended After-Hours Support
  • Device, Endpoint, and User Management (On-Site and Remotely)
  • Quick and Under-Budget New Technology Deployment
  • Departmental Systems Integration for Improved Workflow
  • Comprehensive Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Procedures Implementation
  • Cloud Applications to Cut IT Costs and Protect Sensitive Data
  • A vCIO for Strategic Planning and Budgeting for Future IT Initiatives
  • High-Level IT Presentations to Councils and Boards
  • Unlimited Service Desk Support

Our team is ready to help you assess your current IT needs, plan for the future, and implement solutions that will keep your systems running smoothly.


While the insurance industry has made great strides in adopting new technologies, many agencies find that the new applications they incorporate into their workflow create complex, time-consuming problems rather than simplifying their work. Not to mention the security risks that come with the additional channels cybercriminals can exploit to get into your network.

With sensitive financial, personal, and medical information kept in client records—plus company information—insurance companies are an excellent target for a cyber-attack. With technology advancing daily, cybercriminals are getting smarter and bolder, and many small businesses get blindsided by ransomware and other malicious software.

As an insurance agency, you can think of InnoTek’s state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions as your insurance. With our proactive approach to managed IT and security, we don’t wait for an attack to occur—we stop it before it even has a chance.

Having reliable technology is essential to your agency’s efficiency, productivity, and profitability, so it’s essential to ensure you have a trusted partner who can provide the right solutions and IT business support. That’s where InnoTek comes in. Our vCIO (virtual Chief Information Officer) will strategize with you to develop a customized plan unique to your systems and needs and built to your budget.

Some of the ways we help our insurance agency clients are:

  • Guaranteed One-Hour Response Times
  • Extended After-Hours Support
  • Achievement and Maintenance of Regulatory Compliance
  • Enhanced Cybersecurity with State-of-the-Art Layered Protection
  • Managed Devices, Endpoints, and Users
  • Improved Efficiency with Cloud Applications
  • Ability for Staff to Work Remotely and Securely Access Important Applications and Data
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery Procedures
  • Unlimited Service Desk Support

IT business support for your insurance operation is just a call away. So, let’s talk about security and efficiency today!

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