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Protect and Recover Data with Business Continuity Planning

Do you lose sleep at night at the thought of a natural or man-made disaster hitting your business? Are you worried about the reliability of your existing data backup and recovery solution even though your current IT company seems less than concerned?

If you answered yes, it’s time to consider reliable data backups and complete business continuity planning services from InnoTek.

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What Makes Business Continuity Planning Essential?

Does the topic of business continuity planning make you feel anxious? Perhaps you assume that data loss caused by a natural disaster or a cybersecurity breach won’t happen to your small business in Northeastern PA. After all, an IT company is helping you with your information technology and probably has you covered.

Don’t be so sure.

If your IT provider has not talked with you about creating business continuity plan (BCP) documentation—or they still have you making backups of your data to physical media (like tapes or CDs)—you need to question their business continuity management knowledge.

The foundation of any effective business continuity plan is the ability to retrieve data from any point in time from anywhere. Does your business have this capability? If not, you’re vulnerable to losing your essential data, which could paralyze your business processes and operations for a long time and leave you with unexpected costs.

Luckily, you can protect your business against business disruption, catastrophic data loss, and expensive downtime. There’s a foolproof way to ensure your business’s survival after a data loss event—or even better, prevent data loss in the first place! No matter what happens, InnoTek’s business continuity planning services have you covered.

Ready to get started? Ask for a risk-free consultation today. We want to tell you all about worry-free data backup and disaster recovery strategies available from InnoTek.

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With Business Continuity Planning Service from InnoTek, You Get…

Clear Direction

We’ll help you develop BCP documentation with clear and concise disaster recovery tactics and steps that let you and your team maintain business with crisis management.

Reduced Stress

You can focus on more critical business operations and strategy without worrying about potential threats to your essential business data.

Robust Data Backups

Our automated, redundant data backup solution protects your files and software in the cloud and ensures everything can be restored in minutes. Then, if disaster strikes, you simply need to follow the steps specified in your BC plan to get back to business quickly.

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Learn More About Business Continuity Planning

We want to ensure you feel as educated as you want, so we’re sharing a webinar and some articles containing valuable information.

Business Continuity and the State of Cybersecurity – Michael DePalma, Datto
Protecting Your Data in Today’s Business Environment – Jim Robison, SonicWall

Have questions about business continuity planning services? We have answers! Get in touch with us, and we’ll discuss it.

Three Big Myths About Business Continuity Planning

More than ever before, small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) need to get serious about business continuity planning. Given the cloud’s vulnerabilities and having more employees working from home, the risk of critical data loss is severe.

A great place to start is to review your current backup and disaster recovery processes, look for holes, and prioritize creating a BC plan with the help of a trustworthy business continuity planning service.

And don’t believe these common myths:

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“Business Recovery isn’t Something Small Businesses Need to Worry About”

This is a pervasive myth. The hard reality is that small businesses often have the fewest resources to fall back on in the event of a disaster—and some disasters are inevitable. Your business might not be at risk of fire, flood, or another natural disaster, but something as simple as human error can result in catastrophe.

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“Creating a Business Continuity Plan is Complicated”

While ideas like risk management and disaster recovery planning can be intimidating for small business leaders whose talents lie in other specialties, creating a business continuity plan can be manageable. Experienced IT service providers and other business planning specialists can do this for you on a consultant basis, so you don’t have to stress about the details.

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“Business Continuity Planning is Too Expensive”

The point of a business continuity plan is to give businesses continuous access to their technology and data, no matter what. Zero or minimal downtime is the goal. And this doesn’t have to mean paying for consulting fees, new backup hardware, or more software. With cloud technology and a managed service provider, disaster recovery doesn’t need to be intimidating or expensive.

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InnoTek is More than Business Continuity Planning

Innotek offers business continuity planning services, but there’s more. We offer a full range of IT services to small- and medium-sized businesses in our Northeastern PA service area, including the following:

Business continuity planning and disaster recovery services from InnoTek will help you rest easy knowing that your data is backed up and can be retrieved in the case of a catastrophic loss.

Today is a good day to start discussing how we can make your business’s data disaster-proof.

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