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Get Help for Your IT Department with Co-Managed IT Services

When your in-house IT department is maxed out and unable to focus entirely on business, it’s time to call the professionals at InnoTek.

Get always-on, proactive computer network support with Co-Managed IT Services from InnoTek. It incorporates the latest technology to help round out your Northeastern Pennsylvania business’s limited resources. Book a consultation now.

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Are Co-Managed IT Services the Best Choice for Your Business?

What tasks does your IT department want help with? Are there aspects of IT they don’t specialize in and would like the assistance of a managed IT solutions partner?

You can provide a management partner and give your team the power to focus on what matters.

Imagine This…

You expect it to be just another day at the office, but your IT team’s lead staff member has called off—he’s using a sick day. And just like that, your entire network crashes. Programs are down, team members can’t help customers, and you lack the in-house technical expertise to fix the problem.

This is not the ideal work environment—where the health of your computer network relies on the presence of just a few staff members. Or worse, just one.

There’s no need to replace your entire IT department, but there are plenty of reasons to supplement with co-managed IT services from InnoTek.

With co-managed IT support, you can free up your people to focus on building your business instead of chasing down network issues. You don’t have to worry about vacations, sick days, or being short-staffed.

The IT professionals at InnoTek can partially or fully manage your IT with various support services that detect issues before they become problems. As a result, you’ll experience less downtime and more work time!

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The Benefits of Co-Managed IT Services by InnoTek

When you consider partially outsourcing your IT, you deserve a managed service provider (MSP) with many advantages. For instance, you shouldn’t have to work with an IT company that unreliable, that’s slow, or that you can’t trust.

Instead, the co-managed IT services company you partner with should help you by offering the following, as needed to supplement and assist your IT department:

Deals on Tech Purchases

If your in-house IT department isn’t already getting discounts from hardware and software companies, an MSP can offer discounts through its suppliers.

Growth Support

An experienced MSP can help to regulate IT costs and strategies while you increase or decrease the size of your in-house team to reach business goals.

More Time to Focus on Business

Is your team spending time fixing problems? An MSP can help detect and solve issues before they become problems that distract from what matters.

Co-Managed IT Support

An MSP hired on a co-management basis isn’t just there to fill gaps; they’re also there to support your staff members as needed in the long term.

Lowered IT Costs

The portion of your IT that’s outsourced will be predictable, meaning you can help control monthly fluctuations in IT costs and experience cost savings.

You’ll enjoy these benefits while partnering with a co-managed IT services provider like InnoTek. We’re proud of how we meet and exceed our clients’ expectations by working alongside their in-house professionals to promote success. See the difference for yourself!

“What Can I Expect from InnoTek’s Co-Managed IT Services?”

With co-managed IT support from InnoTek, you can customize the service package we offer, knowing that all of these services can be included:

  • 24/7 Network Monitoring – Rest easy with the knowledge that your network is protected.
  • Preventative Systems Maintenance – Know that problems will be detected before they cause downtime.
  • Remote and Overnight IT Support – Rely on remote management for uninterrupted operations.
  • Tailored IT Services – Pay a predetermined monthly fee that includes only the services you need.
  • One-Hour Service – If you’re in our service area, we will respond to your inquiry in one hour or less.
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Get Targeted Advice About Co-Managed IT Services

Our IT professionals want business owners in Northeastern PA and their teams to feel more educated about co-managed IT services. If you’re interested in co-managed IT support, you can get more information in these articles:

Do you have questions about co-managed IT services? How about co-managed IT support? We have the answers to your questions, including those concerning cybersecurity posture, how to improve cybersecurity, security information and event monitoring, technology tools and processes, and more. Just reach out. We’d be happy to talk about it.

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Other InnoTek IT Services

Co-managed IT services are just part of what the professionals at InnoTek offer our clients. Our complete line of services has been designed to suit your business’s unique needs.

Co-managed IT services from InnoTek will help your staff navigate the day-to-day. Let us stay up to date on the latest technological developments while your team focuses on growing your business. While you’re closing deals and training new staff, we’ll work on the backend to ensure operations run smoothly and uninterrupted. This is our service model, and we won’t settle for anything less.

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