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Meet All IT Regulatory Requirements with Managed IT Compliance

IT security compliance is a regulatory concern for businesses in industries like banking, wealth management, legal, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, and non-profits.

If your Northeastern PA business is subject to cybersecurity requirements, you’ll never again have to dread a compliance audit or questioning by regulators. InnoTek has you covered.

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Is Managed IT Compliance Necessary for Your Business?

Are you subject to regulations regarding storing, securing, and sharing data? Do industry data security standards influence your day-to-day business processes?

If you answered yes, and you handle personal data like credit card information and social security numbers, you are likely subject to compliance regulations that could land you in big trouble if they’re not met.

Just Imagine for a Moment…

You manage a small boutique bank in Bloomsburg, PA. It seems like just another Tuesday, with a steady stream of clients and busy staff.

Until a phone call from the OCC (The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency) is transferred to you. They are notifying you of an audit. A regulator will visit your bank to ensure all federal banking compliance requirements are being met.

You’re just a tiny bank. Why would the feds be interested in what you’re doing? Suddenly you’re sick to your stomach. Has your bank been following all the rules? How can you know? And what if you can’t answer all the OCC’s questions?

This can be scary unless you have managed IT compliance from a reputable, certified IT company like InnoTek.

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What InnoTek Can do for You

If you run a financial institution that’s subject to compliance standards put forth by the OCC, The Federal Reserve, the FDIC, or state agencies…if you’re in healthcare and subject to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) standards…or if you’re in any other industry that’s monitored using regulatory cybersecurity standards, we can help.

InnoTek will use our thorough knowledge of your industry’s regulations to perform risk assessments, install security controls, monitor security practices, and establish a simple compliance framework for your employees.

With us, your business will achieve and maintain IT security compliance. As a result, you’ll rest easy at night, and your business will be shielded from fines and reputation damage associated with non-compliance.

Are you ready for peace of mind? Then it’s time to contact InnoTek.

Get Targeted Managed IT Compliance Advice Specific to Your Industry

Every regulated industry has control objectives set forth by various compliance agencies.

  • Are you aware of everything you must do to keep personal data, health information, and other sensitive records safe from a cyber attack?
  • Do you know how to install cybersecurity frameworks and security programs that meet state, federal, and international standards?
  • Are data risks managed properly and is your data protection robust enough to stand the test?

These are some tricky questions—questions best answered with the help of a managed IT compliance professional, like the ones who work for InnoTek Computer Consulting. We’re ready to answer your questions, offer advice, and help you achieve complete It security compliance. It all starts with contacting us.

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InnoTek: More than Managed IT Compliance

IT security compliance, critical infrastructure installation, payment card industry data security, and compliance process monitoring are just a few things InnoTek offers as part of our full line of IT services.

Let’s discuss how an IT package can meet your business’s unique needs today. We have the managed IT compliance services you need and are ready to show you how we can work for you.

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