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Put Our Strategic vCIO to Work for You with Technology Consulting

Is technology moving your business goals forward? Or is it slowing down business operations and holding you back? Business owners all over Northeastern PA are turning to InnoTek’s vCIO service for technology consulting—which is, in fact, strategic business consulting.

Your virtual CIO (chief information officer) will meet with you regularly to ensure your technology infrastructure aligns with your business goals, budgetary planning, and coordination of large projects. Let’s get started!

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Are Strategic Business Consulting Services Right for Your Business?

If you’re ready to maximize how you use information technology in your small business and ensure it can support your business processes and goals, the answer to the above question is a resounding YES.

But how can you be sure that technology consulting from a professional computer consulting company like InnoTek is right for your small- to medium-sized Northeastern PA business?

Consider this: Your technology should support your business instead of being a constant source of unpredictable costs and problems. The right technology consulting partner can help you get your network and business technology under control once and for all while increasing productivity and efficiency for you and your employees.

Ready to get started? Contact us for a risk-free consultation.

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The Benefits You Can Expect with Technology Consulting from InnoTek

When considering outsourcing your information technology management, the MSP you choose should come with a long list of advantages. For example, you shouldn’t have to settle for a company you don’t trust, that doesn’t provide predictable costs, or isn’t reliable.

Instead, the managed IT services company you hire should provide all of the following to you:

Increased Efficiency

Get expert recommendations to reduce bottlenecks and inadequacies in your current IT infrastructure.

Robust Security

Protect your business from hackers and malware with proven cyber security measures from InnoTek.

All-Inclusive IT Solutions

Let us handle everything, from IT vendors to detailed move planning and IT implementation.

When you have a technology consulting firm you can trust to pay close attention to your business goals and implement IT that moves you toward them, your business will have what it needs to soar. Schedule a consultation so we can discuss how technology consulting services can help you today.

4 Big Benefits of Using an Experienced, Local vCIO

Choosing the right business technology consulting firm to advise you on subjects like technology management, managed services, network security, and office relocation planning will provide your Northeastern PA business with a long list of advantages, including the following:

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Scale Technology as Your Business Grows

Is your business growing? Are you thinking about moving into a new space? An experienced IT consulting and strategic planning company like InnoTek can help ensure your business runs smoothly through the entire process. And if the move means scaling up staff, you won’t need to worry about your technologies. Whether you need to add two or 20 people to your workforce, you focus on the hiring. We’ll handle all the IT logistics and advise you!

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Get Protection from Cyber Threats

You’ve heard cybersecurity is critical to your small or medium business’s survival, but maybe you’re unsure where to begin. How can you put the proper defenses in place? IT security consulting will supply your business with high-grade data security management that protects your files, folders, and software. We’ll even recommend employee training programs to plug vulnerabilities, and our vCIO will ensure your data is protected from cybercriminals during an office move.

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Eliminate the Need for an Onsite CIO

Don’t think your small to medium business can afford a Chief Information Officer? IT consulting can replace the need for this role with our Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) service. An InnoTek vCIO plays a key part in strategic business consulting because we want to see you succeed. Get technology and business administration expertise to design an IT roadmap that works for your unique needs without the expense of hiring another management employee!

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Get Better Deals on Technology Purchases

When your vCIO has contracts with hardware and software manufacturers, you can take advantage of any discounts we receive. That means you’ll get price quotes that are more attractive than you’d be able to secure on your own, plus you’ll benefit from your vCIO’s guidance in making choices that will support and advance your business strategy. Your chosen technologies directly affect your business plan, and we’re here to ensure you have the best possible strategy in place.

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Let us Meet All Your Expectations

At InnoTek, we pride ourselves on meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations in the above areas. If you need advice for making your communications system work more efficiently, moving your office, or completing a long-term project, our vCIO offers the know-how you need.

Let’s work together to accelerate your Northeastern PA business’s success. We’ll work on your IT so you can focus on your future.

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The Other Services Offered by InnoTek

At InnoTek, strategic business consulting is a big part of what we offer—but as you plan your IT package, you’ll see that our services include the following:

Contact us today to discuss assembling an IT package that meets all your needs.

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