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It’s time to re-think business telephone service with the question, “Is my phone system working for me?”

Your Northeastern PA business needs an affordable, easy-to-use telephone system with enterprise-level capability. VoIP Services from a dependable VoIP service provider like InnoTek will replace outdated landlines that are subpar in our modern world of always-on communication. Let us supply reliable VoIP solutions with experienced VoIP service assistance.

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Is Your Business Ready for VoIP?

When you want next-gen, unified communications with far more capabilities than a traditional phone system but without increased costs, the answer to this question is a confident YES. But how can you be sure that voice-over IP telephone service from a professional technology consulting company like InnoTek Computer Consulting is the best fit for your Northeastern PA business?

Even the smallest businesses must compete in a hyper-connected world—but they often can’t afford big communication bills. Is this you? The right VoIP service provider can help you get more phone system features—that you’ll actually use—while helping you cut costs for things like unlimited calling, video conferencing, auto-attendant services, caller ID, coordination with mobile devices, and so much more.

Are you thinking about hiring a VoIP service provider? We’re ready to answer all your questions. Contact us for a risk-free consultation or complete our free VoIP Readiness Assessment.

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What You’ll Get with VoIP Services from InnoTek

When InnoTek is your VoIP service provider, you’ll never have to wonder what you’re getting or if we’ll deliver to your satisfaction. Our VoIP services always include the following:

A Unified Communications System

Combine your email, phone communications, and scanning and faxing services into one convenient, affordable, integrated system.

VoIP-Specific Call-Routing Features

Send calls to employees’ preferred devices (their office desk phone, or mobile device while they’re working remotely).

Significant Cost Savings

When you have more than five landline phone numbers, you’re practically guaranteed to save money by switching to VoIP services.

A Friendly, Local VoIP Service Provider

Don’t DIY your VoIP when InnoTek can handle everything: system installation, upgrades, maintenance, and troubleshooting in Northeastern PA.

Discover More Benefits of VoIP Services with InnoTek

First, it’s essential to understand that switching to VoIP service for your business is best done with the help of an experienced IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) who knows the ins and outs of VoIP implementation.

With InnoTek, you’ll get advanced VoIP features without complex setups or high costs. Enterprise-level capabilities let you make and receive calls over the internet, conduct video conferences, forward calls to email, take advantage of auto-attendant features, and so much more.

Work with a VoIP service provider who knows the best ways for Bloomsburg, Hazleton, Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Williamsport, Selinsgrove, Pottsville, and Reading small businesses to easily and affordably cut the cord on landline phone service.

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VoIP Makes Business Communications More Efficient

As a single, unified communication platform, VoIP increases business communication efficiency. All communication modes—including voice calls, fax, video, web conferencing, and email—can be utilized using a single software application to convert voice or fax data into an email. Never miss another call or message.

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VoIP Makes Remote Work Easy

Has the pandemic shown you that your business has technical challenges that make remote work a hassle? Because VoIP offers so much flexibility and versatility to keep your team connected even when they’re not in the same building, it can remedy nearly any work-from-home difficulties you’ve experienced.

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VoIP Reduces Operational Costs

You don’t need separate networks for data and voice communications with VoIP services. Instead, you’ll make and receive calls using the same data network you use for your internet service. In addition, specially designed phones with integrated VoIP technology are easy to manage from a handset or your computer desktop.

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VoIP is Easy to Scale as Your Business Grows

If your traditional telephone service provider has told you you’re out of phone line capacity on your current landline phone system, you probably feel a little trapped. In contrast, VoIP is endlessly expandable—all you typically need to do is buy more phones. Need to add 20 people to your remote workforce? VoIP is up to the task—and InnoTek can make it happen!


5 Critical Facts Every Business Owner Must Know When Selecting a VoIP Phone System

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The Other Services Offered by InnoTek

It’s true—we are a top-notch VoIP services provider. However, that’s only the beginning of what we have to offer. Our full line of IT services includes:

We’re ready to discuss a customized IT package to help you meet your business goals.

Are You Ready to Upgrade Your Phone System to VoIP Services?

Are you unhappy with your current IT company? Are you looking for ways to capture the benefits—including predictable costs—of Managed IT Services while upgrading your communications capability with VoIP services?

InnoTek can help. We support clients with a full array of IT support services and business IT consulting—and our focus is on you.